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Ray Burton is enthusiastic about helping traditional small businesses create a successful online presence. He also loves creating and promoting videos and websites, SEO and Social Media Marketing. He has launched a number of online ventures, does SEO writing, provides SEO services and provides a range of information products related to social media and internet marketing. 

In 2011 he started providing website design and SEO services to offline clients. He now oversees the outsourcing requirements for small businesses as well as giving the personal touch to their social media marketing requirements. He now owns and operates an agency providing services for small businesses. You can visit that at https://videoandsmallbusinessservices.com 

Ray is currently creating a video training series for small offline businesses aimed at teaching them the different types of video available and the impact they can have on a small business. If you’d like to know when this is available, please just send us a message via the contact form.

We are also aware that many people simply want to earn a little extra cash from home in their spare time. It was this understanding that has brought about the creation of this website. Aware of the many scams online today, we provide this review service of current and upcoming products. Of course we cannot guarantee anything on someone else’s product or service, but we have been round the block a few times and heightened our senses of discernment. We will only encourage you to purchase products that we truly believe we do what they claim.

In closing, you should be aware that Ray is a devote practicing Christian and lives by Biblical principles. He is trust worthy and will always seek to help you in anyway he can.

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